6 mois et pas de tout fatigués!

Written by Sebastian on janvier 4th, 2012. Posted in Allgemein

Since yesterday it’s exactly 6 months that we are on the road to “eastbound” the world. We think that this is a good moment to thank all of you for your great support and for following our adventure. Your “virtual participation” means a lot to us!

So far we saw beautiful places in 15 countries, drove 22.000 kilometers on every kind of roads, visited 4 SOS Childrens Villages and met many many great people! And to be honest: no matter where, when or with whom – all of our experiences have been amazingly positiv! Maybe it’s because most of the people are nice if you only face them with a smile – independently of their country, ethnical background, culture or language…

We hope that we could communicate our emotions and impressions in a realistic and authentic way so you were able to share them with us!

And now let’s get ready for 6 more months, +15 more countries, ??? more kilometers and MANY MANY more nice people! Stay tuned and SMILE!

Hugs n kisses 🙂

Your Eastbounders.