Martin Lion

I grew up in a multicultural family and must have inherited the travel gene before my actual birth. My curiosity and interest in other cultures was continually fed on different family trips abroad during my youth and adolescent years. In my studies of international business administration I did not want to miss the international aspects either and have taken advantage of the possibility to gain additional international experience at universities in the Czech republic and the United States.

Also, in my professional career I didn’t want to miss an international context and work since my graduation in the area of international organization development in a major European personnel agency. Always having supervisors who supported my desire for life-long learning, I have been able to continuously educate myself further. After many courses and seminars in the area of organization development and specialist counselling, a new field caught my interest: supervision and coaching. I became member in the Austrian Association for Group Dynamics and Group Therapy where I am at the end of a 3 year training and where I also work as a Vice Section Head for Supervision and Coaching. Although I have very little time I pacify my thirst for knowlegde at the Sigmund Freud University in the field of Psychotherapy Science.

I share my love to travel with my Catalan partner. After we have “conquered” the peak of Kilimanjaro last year, we had discussions about when to start to plan a family.  Before we do so I would like to fulfil my old dream of a trip around the world and at the same time help people in need on the way. If not now, then when?


Sebastian Gypser

Born in 1978 in Vienna as a small , fat and greasy baby with the umbilical cord around the neck, nobody could have imagined that this little boy will become – after years of cocooning – a 196 cm tall and 86 kg heavy lightweight.

During my childhood and youth rather risk-averse, things changed after I passed my motorcycle driver’s license at the age of 18. Doing a first warm up on a Honda Dominator 500 I soon knew that I needed more and decided to go for the notorious Kawasaki ZXR 750! After taking a motorcycle break during a couple of years I started again on a KTM 950 Supermoto and drove around 30.000km during the last 2 years – so to say a preparartion for this trip.

My way too long studies of International Business Administration had been interrupted by a one year stay in 1999-2000 in the USA where I discovered my travel bug during a 2 months journey. The obligatory Erasmus semester I spent in Madrid. In the end I moved to charming Paris in summer 2007, where I spent the last 2,5 years working as business development manager for Germany in a french internet company.

Learning languages and intgrating myself into foreign cultures has eversince been an appealing challenge to me. Thanks to my stays abroad I speak English, French and Spanish fluently (I didn’t even forget German) and feel at some point prepared for this amazing trip around the world.