The last 10 days before departure

Written by Sebastian on July 7th, 2011. Posted in Allgemein

  Martin: There is one word that describes the last 10 days before our departure: Chaos!

Everything went smoothly until Wednesday, 22nd June. We picked up the visa for Iran and were on the way to the Indian embassy to apply for the visa. On the way we got a call from KTM that we can pick up the papers for the bikes, which we needed for the insurance and to issue of the Carnet de Passage, a document for customs we need in some countries. So far so good..

Well, at the Visas service we found out, that we need the carnet for the visas, which we didn´t have yet. Our first downturn. Frustrated we left the visa service and we went to Mattighofen to KTM to pick up the papers and finally saw our bikes for the first time. Juhuu! Thursday was a holiday, so not much we could organize.

Friday we hurried in the morning to the insurance, then to the Austrian Automobile Club (ÖAMTC) to issue the international papers for the bikes (…and were surprised that there are 3 different ones) and driving licence, from there to the copy shop to fill out the request for the Carnet for the German Automobile Club (ADAC) and copy the necessary papers, then ran to UPS to send them to Germany, hoping to get the Carnet before our departure. Regarding the Carnet: a special thanks to the ÖAMTC and the ADAC for their support and fast organization of our Carnets!! Usually one should count with 1-2 weeks for the issueing of the Carnets. In our case: ADAC received our request on Monday, 5 days before departure, issued the Carnets within one day (!) and sent them via DHL Express to us. On Wednesday we got the information from DHL that our Carnets arrived.

On Wednesday we could finally pick up our bikes from KTM. Eva was so kind to take a day off and go with us to Mattighofen. On the way we stopped at the company Stadler, who produce motorbike clothing. Why there?  Sebas is 1,96 and thin as a straw, so there is hardly any clothing that fits him.. and because it´s high season my KTM pants were sold out. Stadler is not only specialized in standard high quality clothing but also offers tailor made and oversize equipment. We quickly found what we need and continued on our way to Mattighofen. We got the bikes and equipment and drove back to Vienna, arriving at 9 pm.

Looking back, from Monday to Friday we hurried from one place to the next, picking up and organizing our stuff: camping equipment from Hof & Turecek, our Panasonic Toughbook Notebook from FF Company, additional equipment for the bikes from Touratech, the SLR camera equipment we got from Trenkwalder, the helmet cameras from Blickvang, picking up the carnets at DHL, do a driving training at the ÖAMTC, sign new phone contract, pick up the Panasonic FT3 Tough camera we got from Panasonic Austria and apply for the visa for India.. where we have to figure out how to get it before we go to Iran. Brandspot was so kind to sponsor us a SPOT Satelite Messenger, where one can always see real time where we are at the moment and sent it to us express to get it until Saturday.

On Firday 12:30 am we realized we didn´t get the Green Insurance Card yet, which we need until Iran to prove that the bikes are insured. At 1 we were supposed to get our Driving Training, which we got from ÖAMTC. We called and were informed that they were not issued yet. After telling them that we are leaving on Sunday and need them urgently, they agreed to issue them right away – to be picked up until 3 pm. Luckily my dad picked them up for us and we managed to get to Teesdorf for the Driving Training with only half an hour delay. The training was great and the chief motorbike instructorgave us helpful tips for getting used to our new babies 🙂

Saturday we spent packing and fixing the bikes, which took till 10.30 pm, so my last evening with Eva was quite short. Next day we got up at 6:30: the day of departure had come!!

We fixed the luggage to the bikes and headed to the SOS Children Village in Hinterbühl, our place of departure, accompanied by my parents and Eva. Not being familiar yet with the bike plus the heavy load I was pretty nervous when I started the engine.Even though the bike is great to drive, I was happy when I arrived at the SOS Children Village without any incident.

Here family and friends were already waiting for us, Eva was so kind to prepare some breakfast snacks (thanks!!!) and SOS Children Village organized some coffee (thanks!!!). Some kids from the village spent the time before the departure with us, testing bikes and equipment and after 2hrs talking and making pictures, it was time to say goodbye.

We started the engines and, accompanied by friends who came by motorbike, drove off to our first stage for that day: Jeruzalem… the one in Slovenia. Thanks to all who came, you really sweetend our farewell!!!

A dream comes true, we are on our way. The adventure starts…