For long we have thought about which bike to take on our trip. Numerous travel sites had been browsed through, pros and cons weighed and first hand reports studied. For us important was the travel capability regarding chassis and comfort, after all we count with “interesting” road conditions and some offroad stages. In the end we chose the KTM 990 Adventure and KTM 990 Adventure (R). The ground clearance of the KTM 990 Adventure is absolutely sufficient and also Martin with his 1,72 m has enough ground contact. For Sebastian the KTM 990 Adventure (R) is due to his height ideal. Not to meantion they have an extraordinary character :-). Also, the driving range shouldn’t  be an issue: If Bernd Tesch is to be believed, there is no place on earth where one can’t find a gas station within 300 km. In case of doubt we’ll simply use a jerry can.

Since the standard equipment of the KTM is – compared to other producers – already very good, there was no need for many extras.