It’s the usual madhouse that drives us on this adventure and which we want to turn into our every day life for the duration of our trip. We can’t content ourselves with just talking about the big wide world or gaze at it on photos and wish that sometime we’ll get here or there.

We’re leaving now and will see for ourselves: on site, directly, real-live, authentic, original and so forth. See, hear, taste, smell and feel… we want to widen our horizon through a bath in foreign cultures and the experience of other mentalities, learn about truths we hadn’t known that way. We want to get to know people as they are and detach ourselves from the behavior patterns of generalizations which so often have such a great impact on us in general.

Our approx. 60,000 km journey takes us through politically sensitive areas in the Middle East, through up to 5,500 meters high mountain passes in Asia and across the deserts and rain forests of South America, before finally reach continental Europe and a little later – after some 12 months of adventure – arrive back home.

Aditionally, we want to make a social contribution and help those in need:

SOS Children’s Villages work worldwide, often under very difficult conditions, to provide children without parental care with  a home. They take the centre stage for us. By visiting SOS Children Villages and report about our visits along the route, we want to draw your attention not only to the great work of SOS Children’s Village, but also ask you to support this valuable organization!

We have set ourselves the goal to collect as many donations as possible for a new SOS Children’s Village in Cajarmaca, Peru, and which is being built with the help of the Austrian SOS Children’s Village. Please support our initiative for SOS Children’s Village and help to give children a home!

Martin & Sebastian.