Special Thanks

We would like to thank everyone who believed in our project and who supported us from the beginning. Without you this adventure would not be the same!

Our special thanks to (in alphabetical order):

All of you who took the time to read our first concept and gave us valuable Feedback and supported us with the planning of the project!

Our families who continuously supported us throughout the preparation

Frauke Bögel and Tina Vermeer from SOS Kinderdorf Austria for supporting our idea and who made our project to OUR project

Marcelo Gerevini (www.mannitou.com) for the support with sponsors and connecting us with his friends in Brazil

Johannes Nemetz, who is not only a gifted DJ, but has furthermore a big experience in contacting sponsors which he shared with us. Also he helped us a lot in setting up our website. Without him we would still be working on it 🙂

Karl Ott (www.nxlead.com), who provides us with the domain and the server space for our website and who also helped us to set it up

Klaus Luif for his great support and establishing valuable contacts with media representatives to communicate our fundraising initiative in the media.

Peter Gypser, who, thanks to his creativity, added a very personal touch to our website

Reinhard from Team Tour East (www.toureast2010.com) for his tips & tricks concering the preparation, the planing and the contacting of sponsors

Martin thanks all his friends and colleagues at the Trenkwalder Group who supported our project. There are not many companies that not only support their employees in their professional development but also help to fulfil personal dreams.

Not to forget Eva, who gave Martin permission to leave and activley supported him in making his dream come true (let’s hope she will not change the doorlock in the meanwhile 🙂 )